What is Salesforce CRM?

Salesforce is the best customer success platform, designed to help its users to sell, service, market, analyze, and connect with customers. It brings unique CRM (customer relationship management) solutions under one integrated platform that gives all the departments a single perspective view of every customer. Today over 150,000 companies use salesforce to solve their problems and improve their businesses. Some examples can be given as:
Platform has everything users need to run their business without limiting their mobility. Using standard products and features, users can manage relationships with prospects and customers, collaborate and engage with employees and partners, and store their data securely in the cloud system (which is mentioned for its trustworthiness by Salesforce).

What It Was Like Before the Salesforce CRM?

Before Salesforce, CRM solutions were hosted on company’s own servers, which caused high costs for financing a sustainable development plan. It was unremunerative act to use company resources for solutions that took extra man hours to solve only partly. It used to take months or even years to set up a working system with teams and costs went up skyrocket to millions of dollars. Even after the setup it required highly trained employees to use and share the information with everyone. The feasible solution for this issue was building an affordable, easy to use CRM software and deliver it as an online service for everyone to benefit. This was the idea behind the Salesforce when it started its business and became the fifth largest software company in the world today.
The illustration below shows that, what is the daily struggles of user before the Salesforce:
And as it can be seen in the illustration 2, the daily struggle turns into a compact platform that can meet users all needs.

But, Why to Use Salesforce ?

The reason why Salesforce was an instant hit is simple! Starting with the fact that, it is a cloud computing based platform. On this platform every company has the equal service quality in this multitenant cloud system. As stated by Salesforce’s technical documents:
“No matter the size of your business, you get access to the same computing power, data storage, and core features.”
At Salesforce, trust is on top priority issue. Not only are you keeping customers sensitive data the cloud, customers also building functionality vital to their company’s success on the platform. Salesforce’s responsibility to keep customers data and functionality safe is not something they take lightly, which is why they’re always transparent about our services. Their trust site, trust.salesforce.com, is a vital resource for the users. All user can use it to view performance data and get more information about how it is secured.
As seen in the above image, Salesforce provide their user with the fastest path from Idea to App with the help of their unique architecture. User can easily concentrate on building app using Salesforce tools, rather than building the infrastructure and tools themselves. This can save company’s years of time and millions of dollars.
Salesforce customers generally states some major advantages of Salesforce as:
  • Being Fast: traditional CRM software can take more than a year to deploy, compare that to months or even weeks with Salesforce.
  • Easy Use: Salesforce wins in the easy to use category hands down. User can spend more time putting it to use and less time figuring it out. Salesforce platform easily integrates with 3rd party apps. It is possible to integrate with Gmail or customer’s account software in need. On the other hand, integration is tough with other CRMs.
  • Effective Results: Because it is easy to use and can be customized to meet business needs, customers find Salesforce very effective
  • Affordability: Salesforce is affordable, especially if to consider its vast variety of capabilities. Even startups and small business can use Salesforce without exceeding their budget.
  • Adaptability: If customer’s company is under a rapid changing season, Salesforce is completely adjustable according to scale of their company’s growth.
Some statistics about salesforce from Forbes are:
As the year 2018, Salesforce had over 150,000 customers across the world, being the number one CRM platform on the market. Salesforce has the 19.7% market share with closest competitors SAP (8.3%), Oracle (5.5%), Adobe (5.1%) and Microsoft (2.7%) are far behind the leader. These successful results were derived from Salesforce AppExchange featuring over 2700 applications which has driven a total of over 3 million installations and more than 70% of Salesforce customers use applications that are listed on the AppExchange.
Today, many companies are developing their applications on Salesforce platform or are migrating to Salesforce. This has increased the demand for Salesforce developers and administrators. Currently, Salesforce is number third in the world’s most innovative companies list by Forbes.


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