Export Solution

Export means the sale of goods or services produced in a country to foreign countries. It is the sector that provides the flow of money to countries and shapes the world economy. Working in this field, which is also very important for the country’s economy and very efficient in terms of transportation to foreign markets with high profitability. However, the export sector requires a very planned and good feasibility study. Export sector has constant need of power, time and money within. In line with the needs of the sector, problems will not be missing from your daily workflow. As a follower of innovation and technology, offers you solutions that improve the process flow.
As a first step, we examine the export processes under the main headings and provide customized solutions for each title. The processes of companies exporting products in general are as follows:
  1. Finding Lead
  3. Quote Management
  4. Contract Management
  5. Managing the Process of Dispatching Products
    • 4.1. Directly to Customer
    • 4.2. Partner to Customer

1) Finding Lead

Export operations carry risks in many areas as in commercial ventures. However, when you manage all processes with the right planning, you can foresee the risks that may arise and overcome all these risks. The first risk you will face will be to find the right lead. The leads can be obtained from different sources.
  • Expo
  • Webinar
  • Seminar
  • Forms in your website
  • Email
  • Phone
A certain percentage of leads from different channels have more potential to devote your limited and valuable time. By identifying these leads as qualified, you proceed with sales Qualified Leads. With the first solution that we have presented, the source of the prospective customers comes from the estimated potential earnings, country, city information and so on. We ensure that the information is kept lossless. In the process, you can send your e-mail to your customers automatically or manually. mature methods. As a result of this, the prospects of the prospective customers and their conversion to sales increase.

2) Quote Management

Preparing a proposal is a very important and difficult process in the export sector as it is in every sector. The most important step after contacting your customers is the bid management process where you share the details and prices of your products and services which is fast and easy. For companies working with different customer profiles from different countries, the bid management process does not always work as expected. Companies are very concerned about making a quick turnaround when deciding who to work with. Therefore, companies that share the correct data with their customers as soon as possible and draw up the roadmap by reporting this data are more preferred. With our solution, we prepare alternative bid templates for all these differences according to the criteria you set and offer a mechanism where you can bid with a single button. Using our solution will make your job easier by gathering information, offers and documents about your customers in one place

3) Contract Management

The purpose of contract management is to ensure that all tenders and contracts to be made within the project process are realized, executed and implemented in a certain order and discipline in a predetermined format. The contracting process is similar to the proposal. As in our bid management solution, we offer a system where you can prepare contracts with a single button. At the same time, this system allows you to automatically fill the customer's information into the contract. Thanks to our Salesforce DocuSign integration, we offer an environment where both you and your customer can sign the contract in a digital environment in accordance with the law without waiting for the processes such as signing, sending and waiting for the document to be returned in a physical environment.

4) Managing the Process of Dispatching Products

4.1) Directly to Customer

Exporting products abroad is very difficult when it comes to the process of documenting and sending the products from your company to the customer. With the solution we have developed, we provide an environment where you can easily keep up with and manage this process.

4.2) Partner to Customer

The perceived “challenging process” of business partners involved in the export process is likely to have a risk of disrupting the workflow. In general, this situation stems from the insufficient organizational structure within the companies. With the solution we offer, we provide you with solutions to overcome this structural confusion. We create an environment where you can observe every step of the operational processes that involve your business partners by facilitating the control of the relations with your partners by involving them at a minimum level. At the same time, we proudly present an environment where you can easily monitor the status of the products in your business partners.