Subscription Based Business Model Solution

A subscription is a business model in which a customer must regularly share at a regular price to access a product or service. The model pioneered the 17th century and is now used by many businesses and websites. Instead of selling individual products, a subscription offers periodic (monthly, yearly, or seasonal) tickets for use or access to a product or service, or for some of the clusters for performance-oriented organizations such as opera companies. Performances during a season (for example, five to fifteen). Thus, the sale of a one-time product becomes a repetitive sale and ensures brand loyalty.
Membership fees for certain organizations, such as trade unions, are also known as subscriptions. Industries using this model include private webmail providers, cable television, telephone companies, mobile network operators, internet providers, software publishers, websites, business solutions providers, financial services firms, as well as traditional newspapers, magazines and academic magazines. Companies working with the subscription model can be grouped under the general headings as follows:
  1. Companies producing software with SaaS (Software as a Service) model.
  3. Companies offering services; technical service, cleaning service, consulting, etc
  4. Product leasing companies; car rental companies, computer rental and so on.
As , the follower of innovations and technology, we reviewed the needs and problems of companies working with the subscription model and developed special solutions for these needs. Our solution for the two most common problems encountered in companies working with the subscription system is as follows:
  1. Periodic invoice and collection follow up issues such as: These periods daily, weekly, monthly, yearly and so on. may is. We are able to overcome this problem with a system that you can easily follow up these issues and provide you with the payment preferences of your customers in detail. In addition, with the forecast mechanism we have developed, enables you to foresee the possible revenues of the following months and years.
  3. Monitoring contract renewal periods: It have great importance for companies to renew within the relevant subscription room when considered that it has many opportunities. Missing the renewal date can cause, missing chance of increasing the price to be subject to the contract, offering extra products and services and protecting the operation’s profitability. As , we developed solution for renewal dates with detailed analysis, improved time tracking and easy and automated warning system. The joint notification is made by switching to the customer's core phase and organizing the technical report of the recent time. Addition to that, system notifies the customers of the churn, providing the technical report of the customer's recent transition to the churn phase.