Frequently Asked Questions

We remove the burden of Salesforce support, maintenance, and enhancements from your shoulders. We make Salesforce work for you, not the other way around. You will have more time to focus on your innovations, employees, business and your bottom line. With us you free up your team and you have reliable support on hand, anytime you need it. Best of all, you can easily scale consumption up and down, and its economically sound.

When you get a request to enhance or customize, have a question or issue, or need a hand to work with data, you communicate with our Salesforce-certified support engineers. You can use any of our available support channels: linkedin, email, phone, or our website. Forms ensure our team get your request implemented rapidly.

We are primarily focused on Istanbul in Turkey, but can serve any location.

We’re proud to bring expertise to your business by having every employee Salesforce-certified.

Yes, we are! is an official Salesforce Consulting Partner.

Currently we provide support in Turkish and English.

No. There are monthly plans without long term contracts available. One-year contracts, however, come with discounted pricing and additional benefits, including free initial assessment of your Salesforce org, unused hours rollover to the next month, and more.

No onboarding fees, no initial setup fee, and no other hidden fees.

Great! But does Salesforce work for you with full capacity? Have you ever wondered if you’re using all that Salesforce has to offer in the best way possible for your business and sales processes? Do you have a reliable resource that can give you a hand when new change requests come in or issues arise? What about taking care of AppExchange app updates or ways to make your business run more efficiently? We’re experts and we’re here to help.

We do offer one-time services, but monthly support plans work the best for clients. Although Salesforce is in the cloud, it requires maintenance and changes as your business changes. Even small preventive maintenance is always more efficient than a “fix-it” approach. Plus, our plans starts from as low as 10 hours per month.

Strategic advisory meetings are run by our Expert Consultants. We use this opportunity to learn about recent and upcoming changes in your business, and advise you on recommendations for your Salesforce ecosystem. We want to keep your Salesforce investment aligned with your technology roadmap, and what will work best for your business.

Requests are handled based on the requirements and regulations that your business complies with. You can set up a designated user in your Salesforce org for us, grant us login access to an existing account, or our specialists can make changes using remote support sessions. Remote sessions with screen sharing work best for support issues, so our Salesforce-certified support administrators can view the pages as you do.

Absolutely! We provide Salesforce implementation, integration and development services as well.

We offer all of our plans without contracts, and bill every month as long as you need our services. You have an option to sign-up for a one-year contract which comes with discounted pricing and additional benefits such as a free initial assessment of your Salesforce ecosystem, unused hours rollover to the next month, and more. One-year contracts are 100% risk-free: no fees for contract cancellation within 30-days.

Salesforce Managed works with companies of all sizes. Small, medium and large companies are homogeneously distributed in our portfolio. Salesforce is a scalable platform for every budget, every volume.

You can easily reach us submitting our contact form.