Rapitek Surveys Powered By Salesforce

Getting feedback from your customer is easier than you think. Learn what is really on their minds.
Every single customer means even more possibilities and one more goal met. Learning about their experience working with you and getting feedback on it would help on every aspect possible for your brand.
Surveys is a powerful tool, you can create and send personalized surveys to get feedback from your customers, analyze their opinions and thoughts, follow the pattern they would like you to follow. You can easily understand what you’re doing wrong or right.
You can use our product for countless other purposes too, such as measuring employee performance, market research, recruitment satisfaction, consumer behavior, post purchase feedback, RSVP, any kind of event feedback, management performance, et cetera.

Fit For Who?

Surveys is fit for any kind of organization, individual or corporate-like and it is a simple, smart and reliable solution integrated via Salesforce. Any kind of improvement can be done if need be according to demand, improving your experience.

Plans For Every Need!

Reach us to learn about our various plans for every kind of organization depending on number of responses or number of users that will be using Surveys. We can also provide a free demo for better understanding of the program and you can ask us what is on your mind 7/24!

Everything You Might Need and More!

With Surveys, you have everything you need to create one of the best surveys out there. No templates to limit you, personalized experience for your customers and our easy interface allows you to modify surveys to your liking in just a couple minutes.

Analyze Every Detail!

You can get insight easily with our detailed analysis screen containing charts coded by various colors. Dig even deeper with long text questions and you can also see and scrutinize text responses on the analysis screen!

Customer Care.

Our first values are to be reliable and helpful. We would like answer your questions, concerns and everything that is on your mind to the best of our capability, even after your purchase. It is crucial to us that you have everything you need and expect and we aim to be there for you every step of the way. You can request a free demo today by clicking here.