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Real estate or real estate is land and immovable property located on it. Land ownership applies to both underground and ground ground, excluding the airspace of the land. In the free market, real estate is seen as one of the most reliable investment types since it is not affected by exchange rate movements or economic crises.

The mortgage method used in real estate exchange allows the real estate values to be determined according to international criteria; Thus, a real estate whose value has been determined becomes available for shopping on the real estate exchange. With the development of the real estate sector, previously unknown properties begin to find value in the market according to supply and demand.

In most countries of the world, states reserve the rights to land with natural resources such as minerals, but have the power to expropriate other lands as appropriate. Transfer of real estate property is done by sale. Sometimes, the option that gives the right to use it by renting is also used, provided that the real estate is kept for a certain period of time without transferring it.

What is the Concept of Real Estate?

Real estate is a brokerage service with a certificate issued by chambers and authorized institutions. Although everyone accepts that there is a legal gap in this regard, real estate is not yet fully legalized.

In addition to managing the sales, leasing, marketing process of a real estate, real estate sales, rental contracts, and real estate declarations; creates a portfolio, presents real estate with marketing techniques. The realtor should know the land registry legislation. Mortgage, construction servitude, condominium establishment, allotment and unification, Barter, type change, Grant (donation), Taksim (sharing), Correction (correction), application from municipalities, regional development plan, map and plan reading in order to make deed transactions. should know how to examine city plans.

The real estate agent cannot do the following;

  • The real estate broker CANNOT TAKE CAPAS without a power of attorney given to him or her to take a deposit. The deposit is delivered with the signature of the seller or the lessor in purchase and sale transactions.
  • It is forbidden for the Real Estate Broker to receive a LOCATION FEE.
  • Persons and organizations other than those who take real estate brokerage as a profession (Apt. Manager, Doorman, other professional groups, etc.) cannot use the powers and titles granted to real estate brokers.
  • It is useful to insist on seeing the tax plate of the Real Estate Agent and the registration certificate given by the Chambers. Do not forget that when you do business with Real Estate Agents who do not have these documents and you suffer losses, you will not be able to find a professional institution to seek your rights. Real Estate Agents registered in the chambers are obliged to conduct research on your behalf about the status of the real estate you will buy or rent.

Real estate broker, by making a temporary or indefinite employment contract issued upon the request of the real right holders; purchase, sale, pledge, etc. of real estate. mediating all legal and technical transactions and leasing, such as the establishment of the same right, and performing post-leasing services, providing consultancy, expertise and appraisal when necessary in these matters, and providing the necessary forms, declarations, etc. A person or organization that can fill out documents and carry out these works and transactions in a workplace opened on their behalf.

By managing the general sales, real estate rental and marketing system of the real estate in a certain area, the real estate agent prepares the presentation of the real estate with special marketing techniques by creating a regular portfolio that is capable of preparing the sales, general lease agreement and real estate declaration of these departments.

What Are the Personal Qualities Required to Become a Realtor?

Although it may seem easy to be a realtor, it actually requires attention, care and effort as a job description. Although realtors seem to be dealing with transactions such as buying and selling only a property from the outside, it should not be forgotten that there are many people in this field.

CRM Estate

For this reason, it is necessary to have certain personal qualities in order to be a successful real estate agent. These qualities can be listed as follows;

  • Be open to personal development.
  • Don't like planning
  • Ability to communicate well.
  • Success in sales transactions.
  • Ability to keep up with the intense pace.
  • Be assertive to establish new business contacts.
  • Be a researcher at a level to build a real estate portfolio.

Real Estate Terms and Meanings

What is a parcel?

The piece of land that is divided and whose boundaries are determined within the framework of the Zoning Law is called a parcel. The parcel may be owned by a single person or by more than one person.

What is an Island?

The island is a parcel collection surrounded by natural and artificial formations such as avenues, streets and lakes. Island and parcel numbers can be found on the Land Registry Information Inquiry page of the General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre in the e-government.

What is a Layout?

It is not useful to show all landforms and plots in one piece on large-scale maps or plans. For this reason, maps or plans are created by dividing them into parts. These parts that make up maps or plans are also called sheets.

What is Cadastre?

The process of determining and registering the border and value of all lands within the borders of the country by the state is called cadastre. There are three types of cadastre: financial, legal and geometric cadastre. The value of the land with the financial cadastre, the legal rights on the land with the legal cadastre, the boundaries and structure of the land with the geometric cadastre.

What is Rent Withholding?

Withholding means deduction. Rent withholding is the tax withholding made on the rental price of the workplace. Before the rental amount reaches the owner of the property, the rental withholding tax is deducted and deposited by the tenant. For detailed information about the rental withholding account, “What is Rent Withholding and How Is It Calculated?” You can read our article.

What is a Deposit?

The security deposit given to the real estate owner or real estate agent by the people who want to buy or rent real estate is called a deposit. The deposit ensures that the house is not sold or rented to anyone else for a period of time. If the buyer or the lessee gives up the transaction, the deposit remains with the real estate owner; If the house is not rented or sold for a reason arising from the real estate owner, the deposit is returned. To have detailed information about the deposit, "How Much Deposit Is Given When Renting a House?" You can read our article.

What is a Deposit?

The amount paid in order to ensure that the real estate is not damaged during the leased period is called the deposit. The deposit, which must be agreed before the rental, can be up to 3 rental fees at the most. For detailed information about the deposit, you can read our article titled "What is a Deposit: Everything About the Deposit".

What is a Property Statement?

Real estate declaration or real estate declaration is the declaration of individuals or organizations that a real estate belongs to them. The real estate declaration made to the relevant units of the municipalities is examined and the tax amount to be paid is determined. For more detailed information about the real estate declaration, "What is a Real Estate Declaration?" You can read our article.

What is the Current Value?

The current purchase and sale value of a real estate is called the current value. The current value determined by the persons appointed by the municipalities shows the lowest purchase and sale value of the real estate. For more detailed information about the current market value, “What is the current market value and how is it calculated?” You can read our article.

What is Depreciation?

Depreciation, which means the share of depreciation, expresses the sales price of a rented real estate in the real estate sector in how many years. To learn how to calculate the depreciation period that affects the value of the investment, “What is Depreciation, How is it Calculated?” You can read our article.

What is Condominium Ownership?

It is a statement stating that the independent parts of a building such as warehouse, office, flat, floor have the right of ownership. In order to obtain the condominium title deed, the building construction must be completed and the occupancy certificate must be obtained.

What is Floor Ease?

Demonstrating the ownership right of persons on a real estate whose construction has not yet been started or whose construction has not been completed is called construction servitude. The floor easement shows that the real estate to be built is registered in the title deed. After the occupancy of the building is received, the title deed can be obtained by applying to the Land Registry and Cadastre Directorates.

What is Independent Section?

Each part of a completed real estate that can be used, such as flats and shops, is called an independent section. Independent sections suitable for use alone can be in the same building or in the same parcel.

What is a gauge?

The maximum height allowed for the construction of a real estate is called the gauge. The gauge is determined by the municipality of the region where the real estate will be built.

What is Assignment?

The transfer of ownership of a real estate to another person is called assignment. There are three types of assignment: statutory, consensual and accidental. Legal assignment is the transfer of property made for legal reasons such as a will, without the consent of the real estate owner. A consensual assignment is a transfer of ownership realized as a result of an agreement between the parties. On the other hand, accidental assignment is the process of realizing the transfer of real estate as a result of the decision of the court.

What is a Contract?

A contract, also known as a contract, is a transaction that is based on mutual declaration of individuals and has legal consequences. Provided that it is not contrary to the law, the parties can make a contract on any subject they wish.

What is Tensile Floor?

It is the extension of the section between the top floor and the roof of a real estate and adding a new floor to this area. The pulling floor must be constructed in accordance with the provisions of the Zoning Law numbered 3194.

What is Settlement?

After the construction of a real estate is completed, it is inspected by the relevant municipality. Criteria such as the availability of tax and fee debts and their suitability for the project are examined. If there is no violation of these criteria, a residence permit is granted to the building. This residence permit is also called resettlement.

What is Shared Deed?

The type of title deed in which the real estate is stated to have more than one right is called a share title. The shareholder deed states who the shareholders are. However, it is not clear on which parts of the real estate these shareholders have ownership rights.

What is an allotment?

Dividing a real estate into parcels and processing it into title deed is called allotment. For information about this transaction, which the real estate owner can carry out in order to sell a part of his property, "What is the Allotment Transaction, How Is It Done?" You can read our article.

What is Abandonment?

In the zoning plans, some areas are reserved for public use such as parks or roads. These designated areas may be within the boundaries of the real estate. In this case, the owner of the real estate leaves the determined part of the real estate to the public interest in return for a price or free of charge. This process is called abandonment to the road or abandonment to the public.

What is TCIP?

TCIP is the Compulsory Earthquake Insurance that aims to secure houses against natural disasters. House purchase and sale transactions, that is, title deed transfer, cannot be carried out without TCIP.

What is Mortgage Release?

The process of removing the mortgage on the real estate is called mortgage release. The waiver letter received from the bank is delivered to the General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre and the mortgage is removed. For more detailed information about the mortgage release, “What is the Fee Letter, How Can I Get It?” You can read our article.

What is a Consent?

The authorization document that allows another institution or person to use some of the rights that a person has is called a consent letter. In the field of real estate, the situation in which consent is required is the sale of a house. It is obligatory for married people who want to sell the house to obtain a letter of consent from their spouses.

What is Usufruct?

Usufruct, which is a type of easement right, enables a person to benefit from a real estate or right that belongs to someone else. It is similar to the right of ownership in that it provides the right to use the real estate and to benefit from rent or similar income. However, the difference between usufruct right and property right is that it cannot be transferred to third parties by inheritance. Upon the death of the person whose right of usufruct is granted, the rights granted expire.

What is CRM?

Before discussing what the concept of CRM, that is, customer relationship management, is, it can be clarified why it emerged. The reasons for the emergence of CRM are defined as follows;

  • Mass marketing is an increasingly expensive way to acquire customers
  • Customer share becomes important, not market share
  • The importance of customer satisfaction and customer loyalty concepts
  • Understanding the value of an existing customer and needing efforts to retain that customer
  • With the importance of one-to-one marketing, the necessity of strategies to treat each customer according to their specific needs
  • Intense competitive environment
  • Developments in communication technologies (web, e-mail,...) and database management systems


The competitive environment has led today's institutions to customer-oriented practices in order to differentiate. All institutions need to create competitive forces and express themselves based on this power. Some businesses are trying to create competitiveness and differentiate from their competitors by offering more benefits, some by following innovations before everyone else, and some with their customer focus. Strategies to be developed to differentiate; It can be based on product leadership, service leadership, brand leadership or customer relations. Positioning strategies that care about customer relations among today's marketing strategies have replaced other strategic approaches.

There are different approaches to explain the concept of CRM. These approaches are about exploiting or transferring information about the customer. With the development of the CRM concept, new approaches have emerged based on the goals and complex character of the concept. Definitions related to the concept of CRM, which have been talked about a lot, are summarized below.

  • CRM is the process of perceiving the customer better in all areas of contact with the customer and better guiding the company within the framework of its expectations.
  • CRM includes the overall methodology and products used to manage customer relationships.
  • CRM is the integration and improvement of customer touchpoints.
  • CRM is a management philosophy that places the customer at the design point (center) and establishes a close relationship with the customer.
  • CRM is a processing strategy / culture developed to make sales, marketing and service processes more effective.
  • CRM is the science of increasing customer loyalty and ultimately customer value by using customer information.
  • CRM is the design of business and information flows primarily based on customer needs and secondarily on company needs.
  • CRM is knowing the customer, understanding customer needs, and developing appropriate services and products.
  • CRM is not only a front office (marketing, sales, and customer service) and back office (accounting, production and logistics) application, but also a customer-centered relationship management philosophy that ensures coordination and cooperation with all other units, customers and other business partners.

The CRM system collects, connects, and analyzes all customer-related data, including customer information, interactions with company representatives, purchases, service requests, assets, and offers. The system then allows users to access this data and understands what is happening at each touchpoint. With this understanding, a complete customer profile is developed and a strong relationship is established with the customer.

Customer data; It can also be aggregated for use in sales promotion modeling, sales forecasting, region segmentation, campaign design, product innovation, and other sales, marketing, and customer service activities. CRM tools and software; It helps you speed up the customer engagement process, close more sales deals, build strong relationships with your customers, build customer loyalty, and ultimately increase sales and profits.

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