Want To Build Your Salesforce Career? Here Are Six Tips for Your Journey!

Feb. 3, 2023 · 3 minutes

1. Prepare, prepare, prepare–your career depends on it

Luck is simply an opportunity meeting a prepared individual. Now is the time to begin learning, not when a potential opportunity arises.

We have access to numerous free, high-quality Salesforce learning tools, such as:

Utilize these resources to jumpstart your Salesforce education and develop your career path. Even created a Beginner's trailmix to help newcomers get started with Salesforce fundamentals!

2. Do what you enjoy

The majority of people learn and develop most rapidly when they are doing something they enjoy. You have numerous career options with the Salesforce Platform, including Salesforce Developer, Consultant, and Business Analyst roles, as well as sales and marketing careers.

Thus, focus on your strengths. Explore the Salesforce technology, discover what you enjoy, and excel at it. On my journey, I went from implementing Financial Services Cloud to developing and deploying automated processes in Salesforce utilizing a third-party Salesforce application to marketing automation in Pardot.

3. Take calculated chances

The path to achievement involves risk, anxiety, and uncertainty. However, the benefits are worthwhile, including development, resiliency, fulfillment, accomplishment, and victory. I made three significant decisions that led to my current situation:

  • Assumed my first Salesforce implementation position before understanding what Salesforce was.
  • I co-founded a Salesforce partner company with only 18 months of prior Salesforce experience.
  • He left the company and joined Tableau as a solution engineer.

All three of these options were terrifying! They posed a substantial risk. In retrospect, however, I see that they were crucial. I needed to take risks in order to advance and grow.

4. Expand your brand

To be considered for a suitable opportunity, you must become well-known for your skills, experience, accomplishments, and values. LinkedIn is the ideal platform for sharing this information, as it serves as an online resume for many users. It is also an excellent platform for brand development and promotion.

Follow industry thought leaders who inspire you on LinkedIn to see how they build their brands for ideas and advice on how to build yours. Borrow branding concepts from their profiles, including the content they create and share.

The key to branding is to consistently produce high-quality content.

5. Give more than you receive

The Trailblazer Community enjoys assisting others. Your fellow Trailblazers are available to answer your questions and direct you to various resources. When I began to experience early success with Salesforce, I began to share my story online in an effort to inspire others who wished to forge new paths with this technology.

The response was phenomenal. In addition to receiving an abundance of encouragement, I also received the infamous Golden Hoodie.

Adopting the Salesforce core values of Trust, Customer Success, Innovation, Equality, and Sustainability is also required in order to connect with the Trailblazer Community. Successful Trailblazers embrace and exemplify these values in their work and within the Salesforce ecosystem and Trailblazer Community.

6. Develop a strategic network

I do not believe I would have my current position if I had not established a strategic Salesforce network. How can you strategically network? Following are three ideas:

  • Participate in Salesforce events such as the World Tour: Discover new ways to connect with customers, delve into the newest innovations, and network with fellow Trailblazers at live and virtual World Tour events held all over the world. And, of course, there's Dreamforce, the annual Salesforce event that brings the global Salesforce community together for learning, fun, community building, and charitable giving.
  • Sign up for Trailblazer Connect: Learn in-demand skills, earn credentials that look good on a resume, and connect with opportunities ranging from mentorship to employment.
  • Create a Salesforce network: Utilize platforms such as Trailblazer.me and LinkedIn to connect with individuals with a common goal. For instance, early on in my career, I began to follow thought leaders in analytics and shared articles they had posted to their networks.

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