Stripe - Salesforce Integration

March 24, 2023 · 2 minutes

Stripe is a global financial technology company offering payment infrastructure and after-sales support services to thousands of individual and corporate customers. The brokerage service offers value-added solutions for both sellers and buyers. Stripe is a brokerage firm preferred by millions of companies in over 120 countries and supporting 135 different currencies. As Rapitek, a follower of innovations and technology, we have developed a Salesforce integration for Stripe that can be used in their transaction operations within Salesforce."

Salesforce - Stripe integration works to assemble certain rules. First, Salesforce's Stripe payment registration created and required fields are carefully completed. The user can receive his / her payment from his / her customer through the automatically created link on the record. When customer enters the card info and pays, Stripe system secures the customer’s valuable info with highest interest. Personal data of high confidentiality is not transmitted to the user in Salesforce, but a specially generated key code is transmitted instead. The key code, which is unique to each customer information provides user to automatically collect payments without the seeing any customer information.

Salesforce integration has brought the following features.
  • The process can be managed completely automatically through Salesforce. An Stripe payment record associated with a record can be created automatically, as defined in the system according to certain rules.
  • The payment page link created on the system can be automatically sent to the customer by mail or sms if requested.
  • After the customer completes the initial payment, the key code you receive acts as a registered card and the next payment can be made automatically.

Unlimited options and more are available for users. According to the demands of the companies, the above rules can be adjusted as desired. With the integration, Stripe payment transactions are made easier with Salesforce.

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