Salesforce Extends the AppExchange Commerce Ecosystem for Retailers to Achieve Success Immediately

Jan. 27, 2023

Salesforce announced that it will bring over 250 commerce partner apps to AppExchange, the leading enterprise cloud marketplace, to help reduce costs, improve efficiencies, and drive customer success on Commerce Cloud.

Hundreds of Salesforce commerce partners, including Algolia, Akeneo, Adyen, Bambuser, Bazaarvoice, Bringg,, Forter, InRiver, Ordergroove, Predict Spring, Threekit Visual Commerce, Uniform, and Yotaa, will be accessible on AppExchange by the end of February 2023.

Why enlarge Commerce Cloud? In the current economic climate, retailers must provide customers with the personalized, connected, and seamless online shopping experiences they expect — faster and with fewer resources.

  • According to the State of Commerce Report by Salesforce, 44% of retailers will prioritize cost reduction over the next two years.
  • In addition, 45 percent of retailers prioritize process automation to achieve these objectives.

Driving the news: Customer companies are driving success by making better-informed decisions – supported by data from across their organizations – that prioritize the needs of their customers. By streamlining operations, automating payments, expanding fulfillment capabilities, and more, Salesforce's expanded commerce ecosystem on AppExchange will help retailers quickly and easily find the right partner apps and experts to focus on their customers, allowing them to become true customer companies. For instance:

  • Deliver digital and composable experiences in a more efficient and cost-effective manner. With pre-built integrations like and Algolia, customers can quickly and easily incorporate third-party functionality to continuously enhance the digital experience and boost conversions.
  • While streamlining operations, increase revenue. More than sixty proven commerce apps on AppExchange, such as Adyen, facilitate unified payments across online, mobile, and in-store channels. These applications improve transaction efficiency and the payment experience for customers.
  • Create personalized customer experiences with a focus on dynamism. With apps such as Threekit Visual Commerce and Bambuser, customers enjoy automated, immersive shopping experiences that bring products to life in real time.