Salesforce Introduces the Automation Everywhere Package

Jan. 6, 2023

Leaders must prioritize intelligent investments that expedite time-to-value in the face of macroeconomic unpredictability.

According to new data, clients of Salesforce notice an average reduction of 25% in IT expenditures and an acceleration of up to 27% in the automation of business processes when compared to alternatives.

Bayer and RBC Wealth Management use Salesforce to improve their businesses and deliver automation-based cost savings.

Salesforce has released a new Automation Everywhere Bundle to expedite end-to-end workflow orchestration, automate across any system, and embed data-driven and AI-powered processes wherever.

Today's businesses must adapt rapidly to shifting market conditions by automating crucial business activities. Nevertheless, the last mile of automation is difficult and frequently entails updating data in outdated systems, scanning paper documents, and distributing work to multiple individuals and systems. The Automation Everywhere Bundle enables businesses to rapidly adapt to change with no-code capabilities that automate any operation, from repetitive chores to manual procedures, across documents, images, current applications, old systems, and more.

In the midst of macroeconomic unpredictability, business executives prioritize investments that provide leverage for their organizations and expedite time-to-value. As a result, businesses are increasingly turning to automation, which increases productivity by decreasing repetitive work and delivering tailored experiences that are more efficient, effective, and cost-effective via automation. This allows staff to focus on higher-value tasks, such as enhancing client experiences, establishing a firm corporate foundation to withstand the ups and downs of a fluctuating economy.

Seventy-nine percent of automation users in the United States claim automation tools boost their productivity, and seventy-four percent claim automation technologies help them complete their task more quickly. However, just 23% of organizations say they have been able to fully automate processes across all business activities, making the Automation Everywhere Bundle vital as automation is viewed as a critical success factor for businesses.

"Automation – an integral part of the Salesforce Customer 360 – is the answer, allows customers to receive highly personalized service across channels, and enables teams to boost productivity, better collaborate across the business, and focus their time on the highest value activities." - DAVID SCHMAIER, PRESIDENT AND CHIEF PRODUCT OFFICER, SALESFORCE

Customers are able to save time, enhance productivity, and provide superior client experiences while staying within their budget. Included in the Automation Everywhere Bundle are:

  • Composer: Utilizing pre-built connectors to the most popular enterprise applications, enables customers to boost productivity and efficiency with no-code process automations; Instead of using coding, connect consumer and staff experiences with clicks.
  • RPA (robotic process automation): Reduces manual labor and repetitive activities by unifying work flow across any green screen, legacy system, or modern SaaS application; Automate the processing of documents by extracting unstructured data from documents, photos, and other sources.
  • Anypoint Platform: Leverages sophisticated API management capabilities, bringing composability, governance, and monitoring to automation, in order to accelerate innovation and save maintenance expenses. Reach final mile systems no matter their location.

The package helps businesses to accomplish scaled end-to-end automation. Teams, for instance, may automate anything with a few clicks or lines of code, from current applications to legacy systems, all with enterprise-grade security and control.


Bayer and RBC Wealth Management successfully automated their businesses by deploying Salesforce solutions such as Anypoint Platform.

  • Our top objective is to provide exceptional wealth management services. This meant that we needed to improve the client and advisor experience by embracing automation and abandoning manual processes, according to Greg Beltzer, Head of Technology at RBC Wealth Management in the United States. "With Salesforce, we were able to integrate 26 systems into one, minimize maintenance expenses, and streamline client onboarding and contract signing with a single digital click."
  • Arun Sankarapillal, Senior Director Product Experience Lead - "Portfolio and Pricing, Bayer, stated that "before, it took our teams 5–6 weeks to build a product, and now it takes just two weeks, therefore we are seeing 200% faster product development, and speed to market has increased by 5x."

The Salesforce Automation Everywhere Bundle aids businesses in their current success.

Customers will receive the automation solutions they require right away from the Automation Everywhere Bundle. Customers can save up to 40% on average when using the Automation Everywhere Bundle in comparison to similar alternatives.