Petroyağ ve Kimyasalları San. Tic. A.Ş. Success Story

Oct. 4, 2022 · 4 minutes

" With Rapitek's solution-oriented approach, we started the necessary work to quickly complete the improvements in Salesforce adaptations and integrations that we are using. With the improvements made, we have prevented the duplication of data and increased the efficiency of the system."

Ögetay Can

Ögetay Can

General Manager

Petroyağ and Chemicals Industry. Trade Inc., Gebze, Kocaeli

Petroyağ and Chemicals Industry. Trade Inc. was established by Ünal SOYSAL in 1993 to provide sales, consultancy and after-sales services to Turkish industrial establishments with the industrial lubricants we produce, and we cover 11% of the market by serving 14 sectors with more than 800 customers and 8 dealers.

"In addition to meeting domestic consumption, our company also continues its export activities by serving more than 40 countries. With its production facilities and R&D center as Petroyağ, it is one of our biggest duties to increase this number day by day in line with our goals."

Petroyağ and Chemicals Industry. Trade Inc.

In parallel with the increasing number of customers in the global market and the expectations of our customers, the increased data can be stored, analyzed and reported in a healthy way; created the need for a Salesforce CRM system that would enable us to adapt to the changing and developing world.

With this process carried out with Rapitek, we are able to securely store all the information and current data of our domestic and international customers, where we play an active role. At the same time, as a result of working more regularly, we have accelerated our business follow-up process and customer relations.

Özge Ceylan

Özge Ceylan

Marketing Specialist

With the Salesforce CRM system, we analyzed the data collected on the sales and customer relations side, clarifying customer expectations and opportunities, and used these analyzes in the creation of our sales strategies. In addition, with the Salesforce CRM system, we are able to carry out our visits to our customers in a planned manner with periodic follow-ups over the system. The fact that the current-based records are easily accessible from the system on a regular basis has enabled the sales personnel to access all the past data of the customer in a fast and healthy manner, thus enabling them to be compared with the current data. As a result of all these, we have become more satisfied with our existing customers, we have more sales opportunities, and our rate of converting these opportunities into sales has increased significantly. At the same time, we had the opportunity to prevent product-based losses by tracking customer and product-based losses.


Throughout the process, we received support from our solution partner Rapitek for ERP system adaptation, integration, improvement of the data model and deduplication of data. At the same time, we still receive support from experienced employees of Rapitek on issues such as Salesforce usage training, preparation of reports to identify opportunities and threats.

Thanks to Rapitek's solution-oriented support and assistance, we get quick solutions to the problems and extra requests in our ongoing project. The biggest change is that the time we spent preparing reports in the past is now spent on interpreting the reports and determining the actions to be taken, thanks to the ready reports on the system.

We have reached our target point at the beginning of the project at a high rate. We clearly see that we can reach our target if the system is used effectively in all aspects.


" In our ongoing project with Rapitek, we find the Salesforce CRM program very useful in terms of time control. With Rapitek's customer-oriented approach, our workload has significantly reduced in many different areas such as quickly and practically solving the problems we encounter throughout the process, customer relations and data tracking. We can reach Rapitek's company consultants instantly, via e-mail or phone, in case of any problem we encounter or when the training we have received is an external issue."

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